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History & Background

The environmental landscape of the western United States underwent profound changes in the latter part of the twentieth century. Environmental interests successfully sought to be heard as difficult policy and legal decisions were made over natural resources.

Disputes between states over the apportionment of interstate waters became increasingly pronounced. Environmental concerns, Native-American claims, and Endangered Species Act claims came to the forefront as the drought that afflicted much of the western United States brought challenges over scarce water resources into high relief.

Innovative Solutions

These complex problems will continue into the future. They will require creative and innovative solutions. The firm of Abramowitz & Franks offers a unique mix of litigation experience, extensive historical and technical backgrounds, and familiarity with natural resource policy and management that allows us to address these complex legal and policy problems.

We provide excellent, imaginative and effective legal services, and we do so in a manner that is cost-effective and efficient.

Our Attorneys

Fred Abramowitz Licensed in New Mexico & Colorado

Martha C. Franks Licensed in New Mexico

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